Our commitments for the environment

WORMS ENTERPRISES is committed to the environment

The circular economy is a model in which nothing is lost and everything is transformed. Instead of being discarded and disposed of, the products we consume become, again, raw materials and are reintroduced into the economic circuit. Today, accelerating this movement is a necessity for our environment, and an economic opportunity creating growth and new professions.

What is WEEE?

The Environmental Code defines electrical and electronic equipment as equipment "operating by means of electric currents, as well as the equipment for the production, transfer and measurement of these currents and fields, designed to be used at a voltage not not exceeding 1 000 volts AC and 1 500 volts DC ".

To comply with the regulations, Worms has joined an organization (Eco-Systems) and must charge the environmental tax at each sale. The ecotax is the responsibility of the end customer.


The small generators (<7.5 kWe) are, since 15 August 2018, subjected to the ecotax. This concerns France and some Dom - Com (Réunion, Martinique, Mayotte, Guyana, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre & Miquelon).

Your approach to recycling your GE <7.5 kWe

Expert, Access, Explorer, Tristar 6510 / 8510, RG, Master, Silentstar 6000 / 7 / 6500, Mixed and Arc ranges.

You should contact our eco-organization Eco-Systems at 0 825 88 68 79 or via the website https://www.eco-systemes.fr.

On the website, by entering the type of material, whether it works or not and your postal code, you will get the nearest collection points.


All other electrical machines, obligation only of a declaration of tonnage and recovery of material at the end of life.

Your approach to recycling your GE> 7.5 kWe

Agros, Leader, Tristar 10500 / 12500 ranges, Silentstar 13000 and more, SS Light, Openstar, Electric pump ranges (PXL - PK - BHV).

Threshold of removal: 1 standard minimum pallet of 120 * 80cm

Palletization: materials stored and filmed on standard pallet

procedure: send your request to WORMS ENTREPRISES by fax (01 64 76 29 99) or by e-mail (adv@robinfrance.com)


Recycle your waste paper and cardboard, the good reflex to have!

WORMS ENTREPRISES is in partnership with Citeo. Citeo offers a reliable and expert support that allows the recycling of packaging and paper. Citeo also provides solutions and services to businesses to increase economic performance and environmental performance.

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