EX 13

EX 13 Engine

Gasoline - 126 cm3 - 4.3 HP

EX WORMS engines feature OHC technology to ensure maximum efficiency and performance with quieter operation and lower emissions. Its elaborate automatic compression system guarantees an easy start. Increased longevity thanks to robust pistons and a hardened cemented steel distribution chain.

Air-Cooled 4-Stroke Single Cylinder | Horizontal Crankshaft | Counterclockwise Shaft Direction of Rotation | SP95 or SP95-10 Fuel | Float Type Carburettor | Air-Cooled Lubrication | SAE 10W-Oil Lubricant30; 20W; 30W | Transistorized Ignition | Centrifugal Regulator with Masselottes | CE-Compliant Exhaust Muffler

Technical charactéristics EX 13
Stroke bore58 x 48 mm
Cylinder126 cm3
Rated power3.0 HP à 3600 rpm
Maximum power4.3 HP à 4000 rpm
Max torque8.1 N•m à 2500 rpm
FuelUnleaded petrol 95
Tank capacity2.7 L
Dimensions (L × W × H)297 x 341 x 318 mm
Net dry weight14 kg
Stage 5