MX 200

MX 200 Engine

Gasoline - 192 cm3 - 5.7 HP

High power and excellent energy efficiency thanks to a modern design using the latest technological advances.

Optimised design ensures reliability and exceptional service life, as well as ease of implementation and compatibility.

Specifications MX 200
Stroke bore70 x 50 mm
Cylinder192 cm3
Rated power4.7 HP à 3600 rpm
Maximum power5.7 HP à 3600 rpm
Max torque12.3 N.m (1,25 Kgf.m) à 2400 rpm
FuelUnleaded petrol 95
Tank capacity3.9 L
Dimensions (L × W × H)321 x 352 x 386 mm
Net dry weight18 kg
Stage 5